Why should you read book reviews

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There are really good business books and there are books that are only a compilation of currently-in-trend buzzwords. We created this page to promote best books for introverts, based on our personal reading experience. This means that we personally read all the books that you can find here, no copy paste was done and no external hires were involved in creation of the book for introverts reviews.

We see a increasing trend in book publishing where writers are trying to catch the wave of cool-at-the-moment-thing”. Some of them unfortunately succeed and end up on the list of recommended reads, published by a respected media or an influencer with a strong voice. Even though they didn’t deserve it.

We want to help introverts that enjoy reading (are there any that do not?) to save time and focus on the books that can help them in their careers.

Books for introverts are not focused on books on personal development and/or self help, but on creating a larger picture of the world around.

Here you will find book reviews done by people that have actually read the book. Not every book is worth reading, but good book review is always a good investment of time.