6. Stay late in the office

Career progress doesn’t happen to everyone, it is a reward for the hardest worker in the room. And hardest worker are leaving the office last. One exception – your boss is even harder worker than you (we are talking about the perception here, not the reality). Use this as your advantage – if the boss is still 8n the office and even better if he/she can see you leaving the office. Use your time to read one article that you will mention to your boss in that moment (something like: “have you seen that Mckinsey stuff about *buzzword*? It really made me think about how we could implement it here”).

Top 10 easy ways to boost your career advancement in less time 1
Be the last one in the office

Bonus points – as you are taking the laptop with you (see rule #1), use your time to write at least one email with a lot of people in to: and especially cc: fields. Schedule the sending as close to midnight as it makes sense and go to sleep. Show up the next day in the office as early as you can and enjoy admiring looks while you are walking to your desk.

7. Look worried and sigh at least once during the day

Making right sound effects in the right moment is like arriving at a party just when your favorite song begins. Everybody is looking at you and you know you own the floor. In this case you are showing your importance with loud (but not too loud) sighing. You and your projects are so important that company is depending on your solution of the problems. This is the level of stress that very few people can handle. And handling stress well brings you better topics and soon career progress will become a reality.

How to appear hard working

Bonus points – silently, but still loud enough that others can hear, pronounce “idiot” (or any other variation that fits to the story), and nod your head in desparation. Geniuses are difficult to understand and it’s not easy for you to explain everything to the “common people”.

8. Stand up in the meetings and write something on the whiteboard

Important meeting is on the way, everyone is engaged and sharing their opinions. Facts are not discussed. You are deeply engaged in the topic, as a matter of fact you know it so good that you can draw a simple solution for everybody. Your career progress is a mixture of self-confidence, deep knowledge about your job and good presentation skills (see below).

Top 10 easy ways to boost your career advancement in less time 2

Bonus points – use the Venn diagram. If you do this, you can sit peacefully for the rest of the meeting, enjoying increased level or respect from other colleages as nobody will dare to erase your drawing. If you are lucky enough – your boss will make minutes of the meting and he/she will include your Venn diagram and distribute it to all others.

9. Extend your vocabulary

Learn new (buzz)word every day, and use it as often as you can. Using new and uncommon words distracts your listener and you are free to say anything, nobody will interrupt you as you must be saying something important and educational. Just make sure that you don’t repeat it twice in the same day to the same person – it makes you look pretentious. If you need a crash course on buzzwords – we prepared a list of most important buzzwords to be used, use it as a low-hanging fruit.

Top 10 easy ways to boost your career advancement in less time 3

Bonus points – slow down a bit when you are pronouncing your new word, especially if it is a long one. Give others a chance to look confused, and be sure to offer oversimplistic explanation if someone asks what does it mean. Act like it is a common word, like one of those new buzzwords everybody is using

10.Learn what makes your boss tick

Is it sports, food, fashion, business? You have already shown how fantastic employee you are and how you get things done (remember the formula of employee productivity!). Now it’s time for soft part of making your career progress happen faster. Subscribe to newsletters about the topic that your boss is passionate about (yes – this includes some Facebook / Instagram / Tinder snooping) and start the discussion in the morning (you will “by chance” making your coffee at the same time as your boss). Also, if there is a good occasion – don’t miss to buy a great gift for your boss – check out some recommendations here)

Top 10 easy ways to boost your career advancement in less time 4

Bonus points – subscribe to podcasts about the topic and be sure to mention that you heard it on the podcast. It makes you an expert on the topic just by saying “podcast”

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